Beating the Heat on Your Outdoor Patio
Beating the Heat on Your Outdoor Patio

Beating the Heat on Your Outdoor Patio scorcher. Even so, the following are a few ways that you can still enjoy your outdoor patio or deck in the heat.

  1. Tub of Water or Kiddie Pool for Your Feet - When was the last time you just soaked your feet? It's amazing how cool you can remain while lounging on your patio furniture while soaking your feet in a small tub of water or a kiddie pool. Want to cool it down another notch? Add ice!
  2. Ice Bucket With a Cool Beverage - iPatio manufactures several beautiful, cast aluminum ice buckets tables to keep your drinks cool on those hot August days. Check them out here and take advantage of their current sales price:
  3. Patio Umbrellas - Keep your patio in the shade using patio umbrellas! These umbrellas are available up to 6 feet. Although iPatio doesn't currently offer patio umbrellas, we recommend those manufactured by GatherCraft for high quality and elegant design.
  4. Misting Systems - Try installing a misting system to keep your patio enjoyable even on the hottest days. Similar to what you may have seen at outdoor restaurants or entertainment areas, these systems are relatively easy to install and available from most home improvement stores.

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