Can I buy just one extra chair?

It depends on the product. Most chairs will come in sets of two. Just make sure to verify the quantity when checking the listing.

Can I purchase extra cushions or patio covers from iPatio?

Unfortunately, we do not sell cushions or covers separate from their sets at this time. However most of our cushions and covers do come in standard sizes so it wouldn't be difficult to match with a specialty supplier.

What can I do to protect my furniture and make it last longer?

We recommend regular washing with a mild soap or detergent and use of touch-up paints to keep your furniture in pristine condition. Regular waxing will also greatly extend the life of your furniture.

Will my iPatio furniture rust?

Our aluminum framed furniture has been treated to prevent rust. Under normal circumstances, no rust will occur. 

However if deep scratching occurs and the protective barrier penetrated, air and water exposure may cause rust formation. To prevent this, you should periodically check your furniture for scratches.

If you find a scratch, lightly sand the affected area with extra-fine sand paper or steel wool. After making sure the area is clear of dust and debris, apply a rust inhibitor. Let it dry, and then apply touch-up paint.

Can my cushions be washed in the washing machine?

All of iPatio’s fabrics are treated to resist the elements. Though if necessary, we do suggest washing by hand. Fabrics can easily be cleaned with soap, warm water, and a light rinse.

Make sure to remove cushions from their covers when cleaning and drying.

All of our cushions feature open cell foams that allow for quick drying. Stand cushions on their sides for the best effect.

Can I purchase directly from iPatio?

All of iPatio's furniture is exclusively sold online.

I saw a particular iPatio set I really like. Does it come in other colors?

All available color options will be listed as variations under the main product. So if you don't see it on the product listing page, we don't sell it.

While assembling my IPatio furniture, I noticed I have a piece missing. What do I do?

If a piece is missing from your furniture set, please contact us at One of our customer care representatives will promptly assist you and we will immediately send you the missing parts. 

What is iPatio furniture made out of?

While each collection is uniquely designed, we strive to source the highest quality materials in all of our products.

All of our wicker-wrapped furniture is constructed from resinwicker, woven around a powder-coated aluminum frame. Our aluminum is rust resistant, and our fabrics weather resistant.

Cushions are wrapped with a polyfill fiber, and covers are wrapped in either Sunbrella® or Olefin fabric, which are both UV and weather resistant.

Is there Any Assembly required?

Most of our furniture comes fully assembled. Though tables and some chairs will require some assembly. This information will be specified in each product description.