Top Tips to Help You Buy New Furniture for a New Year

The fresh start of a new year often finds people thinking about the aspects of their lives that they’d like to change. If you’re looking for a way to reflect the new you, why not redecorate your patio with new furniture? Now is the perfect time to visit to find the perfect furniture pieces for an outdoor space that truly reflects the best possible you. 

Whether it’s your backyard furniture that needs replacing, or the addition of an entertainment center in your front porch or garden, iPatio Furniture carries an extensive inventory of outdoor patio collections at competitive prices. To make sure you choose the right furniture from our wide selection, please see below for some tips about creating a space that will welcome you, your family, and your friends for years to come. 

New Year

  1. Focus on Where the Heart Is

Where does you & your family spend the majority of their time? Work on that area first. If the backyard is truly the heart of your home, start with an upgraded seating set and firepit and go from there. If, however, the pool patio is where you really need the peace and relaxation that comes from well-chosen furnishings, find a good furniture sale and turn your pool area into your family's private oasis. 

  1. Choose Foundation Pieces

The goal of replacing the core elements of an outdoor area is to choose pieces that are elegant, neutral, and timeless. This will allow you to create a foundation you can build upon as your family grows and your tastes change. Opt for a simple yet elegant dining set in a neutral color, or an outdoor sofa set and accent the look with fresh colored throw pillows and a sturdy table with some accessories on top! Always keep the core simple, and you’ll always be able to change the accessories… when you feel the desire to. 

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle 

Consider your lifestyle when choosing new furniture pieces. Families with small children will want pieces that are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand wear and tear. The same goes for those families with pets. Retired homeowners have more flexibility in choosing visually pleasing pieces that are also durable. Avoid falling into the trap of choosing pieces based on their popularity. Instead, choose outdoor patio furniture that works for you and your family..


This year, resolve to let your home be a place that truly reflects your tastes and style. To get started choosing your new outdoor patio furniture, visit the to view their complete inventory. To contact staff from iPatio Furniture please feel free to send us an email at Happy Holidays!

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