Use & Care Instructions:

Please read Use & Care Instructions in its entirety prior to assembling and utilizing your GatherCraft Furniture.

Keeping Your Furniture Beautiful:
Quality furniture is a significant investment expected to last for years on end. To maintain its beauty and help it last, furniture needs the right care. No finish is totally indestructible. However, with regular care, the finish and materials will last much longer, providing years of enjoyment.

Tips to Protect and Care for Your Furniture:

  1. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight whenever possible, as sunlight causes fading.
  2. Avoid extreme changes in temperature by arranging furniture away from radiators, heat/air vents and air conditioning units.
  3. Avoid placing plastic or rubber materials (lamp bases, notebooks, placemats, etc.) on your furniture, as certain plastics contain ingredients that may damage the finish.
  4. Periodically rotate accessories on furniture so they do not sit in the same spot all the time.
  5. Use pads cloth or felt to protect the furniture surface from plastic, rubber, hot dishes, bookends, flower pots and vases.
  6. Clean up spills immediately. Try blotting rather than a wiping action. Water left over a long period of time will cause white spots in the finish. Alcohol, perfume, after-shave and medications can cause severe finish damage.
  7. Use a protective pad when writing on the furniture surface.
  8. Lift and place objects rather than dragging them across the furniture surface.

Resin Wicker Furniture Care: Regular cleaning is recommended for wicker, as it generally cannot endure harsh or abrasive treatments. This also minimizes mildew buildup. To remove dirt and debris, vacuum with a dust-brush attachment or use a dry paintbrush. Clean with a mild soap solution. Scrub, and rinse. Avoid sitting on the wicker when still damp, which can cause sagging. Please always cover the furniture when not in use, and store properly during inclement weather and the winter/rainy seasons. If wicker furniture is exposed to a rainstorm, please make sure to drain any water that may have accumulated inside the frame.
Frame Care: Because most metals, except aluminum, are subject to rust, metal furniture is usually finished with a layer of clear varnish, paint, or durable powder coating. Use a mild soap solution, and scrub, rinse, and dry. Do not use products such as Brasso as this may lead to the accidental removal of antique finishes and also to staining or damage to surrounding areas of fabric (ie. Bed Buttons). On the outdoor furniture, make sure to drain any water that may accumulate inside the frames after rinsing. After cleaning, apply a coat of quality liquid or paste auto wax with a lint-free cloth. Use a silicone spray to lubricate swivels and glides on chairs. If metal outdoor furniture is exposed to a rain storm, please make sure to drain any water that may have accumulated inside the frame. Depending on usage, overtime you will begin to notice that your stainless steel may develop a sheen. This is called a ‘patina’ and it completely normal. This is the distressed and vintage look of metals from the natural process of oxidation, regular use, and exposure to environment. It will vary depending on these factors and it not a defect of the material. To clean, avoid using harsh abrasives unless absolutely necessary as this will lead to excessive scratching of the surface. Generally a solution of vinegar and water or household streak free window cleaner is sufficient along with a soft cloth or paper towel. Spray your top lightly with vinegar/water or window cleaner and rub in the direction of the grain of the metal finish until clean.

Outdoor Cushion Care: Please note, our cushions are made from a moisture resistant polyester or olefin blend. This does not mean they are waterproof. We do not recommend leaving cushions out in the inclement weather and if cushions become wet, please dry cushion and the cover separately. Wring out any excess moisture before drying. Our covers are machine washable (gentlest cycle with like colors and cold water), and we recommend separating the cushions covers from the core for any cleaning purposes. Always air dry the cushion covers and cushion cores after wringing out excess moisture and do not attempt to wash cushion cores. All of our cushions cores are made of open cell foams that allow for quick drying. Cushions should be stored and covered when not in use to protect them from rain, sunlight and other staining agents.
Sling Fabrics Care: All of iPatio sling chairs are made from fine quality textilenes and are easy to maintain with regular washing using mild soap and warm water. Mildew can occur and you can clean with a solution of one and a half cups of bleach mixed with one cup of dish detergent mixed with 2 gallons of hot water. Apply the solution to the affected area and brush in with a soft bristle automotive brush. Rinse off and reapply for best results. Once the second cleaning is complete, thoroughly rinse with warm water and allow to air dry for one hour before use.
Glass Tops Care: iPatio glass tops are 5 millimeter tempered glass which is 4-5 times stronger than plate glass. Glass component are not covered by any iPatio warranties.
Outdoor Furniture Storage: We highly recommend storing any outdoor furniture during the winter and/or rainy seasons. Before storing your furniture, please ensure all moisture collected in the frame tubes has been drained. When outdoor furniture is not in use, we recommend covering all the furniture to protect it against the elements. If outdoor furniture is exposed to a rain storm, please make sure to drain any water that may have accumulated inside the frame.
Coastal Customers: Due to the corrosive nature of salt, extra care must be taken due to the higher salinity in the air as well as the possibility of direct contact from sea spray. Keep outdoor metal/wicker furniture covered when not in use, and rinse with fresh water on a regular basis to prevent salt accumulation. Make sure to drain any water that may accumulate inside the frames after rinsing. Additional protection in the form of protective transparent sealer is recommended as well.
iPatio Warranty: are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year (unless otherwise specified) beginning from the date of sales to the original purchaser. The warranty does not cover damage due to acts of nature, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use or modification of, or to any part of the product. This warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation, care and maintenance outside of the supplied literature or attempted repair or alteration by the purchaser or anyone other than a facility authorized by iPatio to service the product. This warranty does not cover products sold AS IS, demo products, returns or second hand purchases or consumables (such as fuses or batteries).
Should you experience any damage, defective or missing parts, or need help with assembly, please submit a typed letter with your name, contact number and complete address with a detailed explanation of the problem with a copy of the original receipt showing date of purchase. Digital color photos must accompany each individual claim in order for the claim to be processed. Email: