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Must-Have Athens Collection 22-Inch Round Ice Bucket Table - Outdoor Patio Side Table with Built-in Ice Bucket: Stylish, Durable, All-Weather Resistant, and Versatile!

This table is a fun combination of the side table and an integrated ice bucket which can be used in a variety of situations from outdoor activities with friends, leisure, family reunions, or even in use at bars and clubs. You can keep bottled and canned drinks cold in this ice bucket while resting a drink on the table and playing a fun game on this mini-side table. The Ice bucket is made of high-quality stainless steel; the table top is an Intricate patterned design with an aluminum curved frame. This is an innovative but fun and practical item for entertaining yourself and your guests.

✅ KEEP YOUR DRINKS COOL: This versatile patio ice bucket table features a built-in/removable ice bucket, ensuring your drinks stay refreshingly chilled during outdoor gatherings and hot summer days.

✅ DURABLE & STYLISH: Crafted from lightweight, rust-resistant cast aluminum, our round ice bucket table offers long-lasting durability and a modern, elegant design that enhances any outdoor space.

✅ MULTI-PURPOSE MINI SIDE TABLE: This portable ice bucket table serves as a convenient mini side table, perfect for holding drinks, snacks, or decorative items while you relax outdoors.

✅ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The ice bucket is made of premium stainless steel, while the table top features an intricate patterned design and an aluminum curved frame with polished welds, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

✅ VERSATILE & FUNCTIONAL: Whether you use it as an outdoor ice bucket table, a mini side table, or patio furniture with a built-in ice bucket, this versatile piece enhances your outdoor entertaining experience.

✅ EASY TO MOVE AND TRANSPORT: With its lightweight construction and ergonomic design, this 22-inch round ice bucket table is easy to carry and transport from one location to another, providing convenience and flexibility for your outdoor activities.


♦Product Dimensions: (W) 21.46 in. x (D) 21.46 in. x (H) 25.39 in.
♦ Packing (pcs/ctn): 1 set / 2 ctns
♦ CuFt/ctn: 1.57
♦ N.W.: 11 lbs
♦ G.W.: 14 lbs
♦ Packing Material: carton
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