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10 things to do around your iPatio fire pit this fall

October 15, 2019 3 min read

10 things to do around your iPatio fire pit this fall

Most people think of outdoor patio furniture as a summer affair, to be enjoyed by the poolside or under an umbrella in the company of friends and family. But what if you could get more out of your patio as the temperatures drop and trees turn to shades of gold, red and yellow?

Fire pits are an excellent form of backyard entertainment all year round, but fall tends to be an especially ideal time to light the fire. From classic activities like game night or storytelling to more unique experiences like wine tasting and dinner parties, there are many opportunities to gather around the fire pit this time of year. 

Here are 10 fire pit ideas to try out this fall. 

Game Night 

You can never go wrong with a classic game night. Invite friends and neighbors to your backyard and gather around the fire pit for a night of friendly competition. Whether playing trivia, cards, or charades, keep the games interactive and group-focused so everyone feels involved. 

Book Club

There are few things more cozy than a good book and a warm fire. If you’re part of a book club, offer to host the next meetup in your backyard. Make sure the setup of your outdoor patio furniture is intimate and comfortable so everyone feels open to discussing the book while sitting around the fire pit. 

S’mores Night 

A dessert that is just as fun to make as it is to eat, s’mores are the perfect excuse to gather around the fire pit. Grab the kids and the three classic ingredients, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, and get to toasting. S’mores nights are sure to become a regular family fire pit activity. 

Backyard Camping 

Who said you need to travel far to go camping? Sometimes the best camping trips happen in the comfort of your own backyard. After you’ve set up your tent, head over to the fire pit to cook up classic camping food like hot dogs and s’mores. Finish off the evening by swapping campfire stories as the fire dwindles and eyes begin to close. 


Movie Night 

Hosting a movie night in your backyard may require some initial set up, but the result will be more than worth it. First, make sure you have something to stream the movie from, whether that’s a professional projector or a DIY phone projector. Next, you’ll need to set up the screen. Hang up a sheet or set up an inflatable movie screen right in front of the fire pit for ideal viewing. Bring out the snacks, settle into your cozy outdoor patio furniture, and you’re ready for a movie night beneath the stars! 

Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a tried and true way to connect with friends old and new. Keep it casual by putting out self-serve food and having everyone sit around the fire pit table to enjoy their meals. You can even add a dash of luxury by using special cushions and a tablecloth for your outdoor patio furniture. Finish up with drinks around the fire pit, and the conversations will be flowing in an atmosphere as intimate as a backyard dinner party. 

Craft Night 

Get creative by hosting a backyard craft night. With fire involved, it’s probably best to stick to crafts that don’t require a lot of space, like oil painting with easels. Give everyone prompts to paint or draw and share the results at the end of the fun night. 

Tell Ghost Stories 

It wouldn’t be fall without a few scary stories, now would it? Use this season to sit around the fire pit for a night of telling ghost stories with the family. Set the spooky mood by making sure all lights in and around the house are off and the fire is the only thing lit. 

Wine and Cheese Night 

Whether solo or with a group of friends, enjoying some wine and cheese by the fire pit is always a relaxing activity. To make a night out of it, invite friends and neighbors to each bring a different bottle of wine and their favorite cheese for everyone to taste. Want the ultimate French country experience? Serve charcuterie, olives and cornichons! 

Live Music 

Know anyone who can sing and play an instrument? Invite them over to play an intimate show. Similar to sitting around the campfire and telling stories, sitting around the fire pit listening to live music is the updated version. With a fire in the fire pit crackling and blankets draped for added comfort on your outdoor patio furniture, it’s sure to be a memorable night among friends. 

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