5 Patio Pegs for Your Next Design Project
5 Patio Pegs for Your Next Design Project

Has it been a while since you last used your creativity? Running low on ideas and inspirations for your next project? Well, you better start stretching those design muscles because we’re to help. If you’ve got a blank space, it’s time to spice up your place -- starting with your patio!

Here are some iPatio pegs that you can use for your next design project:

  • 1. The Perfect Garden Blend
  • Your garden may already be full of vibrant colors so the best thing to do is to pair it with something neutral. Go for garden furniture that has a darker color so that it does not clash with the overall aesthetic of the space. If you are having a hard time finding garden chairs that would suit a different garden table from another collection, we recommend that you go for ones that are sold in sets.




    iPatio Recommendation: Invest in the Athens 7-Piece Cushioned Dining Set. Not only will this blend well with your garden, it would make a great spot for tea time.

  • 2. Experiencing Outdoor Dining
  • You’ve been eating in your dining room, living room or even your bedroom for most of your life. Why not try eating outdoors and we don’t mean in restaurants. If you have some vacant space, fill it with outdoor dining furniture. May it be breakfast, lunch or even an afternoon barbeque session with your family or friends, dining outdoors is an experience you or anyone should not miss out on.


    iPatio Recommendation: Try the Marativa 7-Piece Dining Set. It’s spacious and really screams picnic and outdoor lunches, dinners and other kinds of gatherings.

  • 3. Playful Pieces
  • If you already have an existing playground in your backyard, then you better make sure that you have the right outdoor lounge furniture to accompany it. Choose to incorporate rattan furniture to make the vibe more cozy and relaxing for you and the kids. This will also work well if you just want to hang out somewhere comfortable to read a book or maybe bring over some friends to chat.


    iPatio Recommendation: Go for the San Luis 4-Piece Conversation Set. It’s easy to maintain and can really blend in well with any kind of space or setup.

  • 4. It’s 5:00 Somewhere
  • Looking for a spot to have some alone time? You really don’t need much space to install some outdoor table and chairs. All you need is a few outdoor bar furniture to create the best bar and drinking experience no matter what time of the day it is. Just throw in a few chairs in case you decide to have a couple of people over.


    iPatio Recommendation: Choose the Santa Rosa 5-Piece Bar Set. It’s the perfect mix of chill and comfort. You even have an umbrella hole for shade installation should you want to have a cold beer at 5:00 in the afternoon.


  • 5. Dip n’ Dive
  • Having a pool in your backyard is one great feature because everyone knows it’s not an easy task to maintain one. That said, you should consider using poolside furniture that’s not as tedious to maintain. After taking a swim, of course, you would want to relax or maybe event have a glass of wine on your pool patio furniture.


    iPatio Recommendation: Add in the Sparta 7-Piece Sling Dining Set to your outside furniture choices. It’s style meets comfort and can sit up to six people should you have pool parties.


    These are just some of the design pegs we recommend for your patio. We know how challenging it is to shop around for the most appropriate pieces for your space. For the pegs we provided, iPatio is the best place to buy patio furniture especially the ones we mentioned. We even have patio sets on sale so better check out our catalog so you don’t miss out on big savings!


    What do you think of the design pegs we provided? Got other ideas to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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