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Five Tips to Turn your Patio into a Football Tailgate Party

October 11, 2019 3 min read

Five Tips to Turn your Patio into a Football Tailgate Party

For most of America fall means football season. If you’re planning on watching and celebrating your favorite team this year, whether college or pro, consider hosting a football tailgate party in your own backyard. 

One of the biggest outdoor entertainment opportunities of the year, a football tailgate party is a fun way to gather all of the football fans in your life and turn your backyard into party central. 

If you’re hosting a football tailgate party this year, then here are five tips to transform your patio. 

Prepare the game area

When it comes to a backyard tailgate party, a comfortable patio set is one of the top must-haves. Make sure the outdoor patio furniture set up is big enough to accommodate all of the guests you’re inviting to the tailgate party. There’s no guarantee that people will stay seated throughout the game, but every guest at least needs the option to sit down whenever they choose to. You’ll need at least a couple outdoor couches and chairs, as well as a dining table. It might be time to call in a few favors from some neighbors to get some extra outdoor patio furniture. 

Set up a TV 

The football game will be the main event, so it only makes sense to have some way to stream the game outside. Move the TV outdoors if you don’t already have one on the patio. Depending on the size of your tailgate party, you could also set up an outdoor-friendly projector screen for a much larger visual. The important thing to keep in mind is where everyone will be gathering to watch the game. If they’re gathering on the patio, then it makes sense to have the game set up as close to the patio as possible so everyone has a good view. In case of rain, you may want to keep as much of your tailgate seating area under a roof. 

Yard games 

Set up yard games before guests arrive. Casual games like cornhole or ring toss are an easy way to keep guests entertained before the game comes on or in between plays. Games are also a fun way to connect with people. If you’re inviting a big group to the tailgate party, chances are not everyone has met each other before. Encourage guests to participate in the yard games as an easy-going way to meet other guests. Combined with the spirit around the football game, a natural camaraderie will form in no time.  

Fire up the grill 

What would a tailgate party be without any food? If there’s ever been a perfect time to fire up the grill, it’s for a football game. Get the grill started before the game starts so that all of the food will be ready by the time the game is on. The good thing about grilling during an outdoor tailgate party is that it gives you a chance to hang out with your guests rather than being cooped up in the kitchen. 

Stock up with plenty of beverages

The final aspect of any good tailgate party is the drinks. Keep a few coolers around the patio so that everyone has a beverage within reach throughout the festivities. The coolers should be stocked with plenty of drink options so that there’s something for everyone to stay hydrated with.

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