Outdoor entertaining ideas for fall
Outdoor entertaining ideas for fall

While summer is often thought of as the outdoor entertaining season, fall also makes for a good time to host parties and gatherings. The cooler temperatures are more comfortable and there are usually plenty of occasions to celebrate this season. 

If you’re going to be throwing a party or entertaining guests in the backyard this fall, then you need to make sure the outdoor space is equipped. Here’s how to prepare your outdoor patio for entertaining this fall. 

Install good lighting

Throughout fall, the days get shorter and the daylight goes away sooner. This means that when you’re entertaining in the backyard this season, you need to make sure that there are plenty of bright lights in the area. Good lighting also has the effect of making any party feel more welcoming, so keep that in mind when deciding where to set them up and what kind of entertaining you’ll be doing this fall. 

Prepare for gatherings by setting up lighting throughout the outdoor space, from the patio to the backyard area. Hang string lights across the patio and above the tables or wherever people gather. You can also put string lights in the trees to draw people further into the yard, depending on how big the occasion is. Additionally, consider putting in uplights around the entertaining area for even more coverage. 

Set up cozy furniture 

Cooler temperatures call for warmer spaces. Update your outdoor patio furniture with cozier pieces that have plenty of cushioning. The cooler it gets, the more people will want to gather on the patio furniture to stay warm. Add pillows and throw blankets to create a comfortable setup that will keep guests warm and cozy and will make them want to hang out a little bit longer throughout the day or night. 

You should also consider getting a fire pit if you don’t already have one. Fire pits create a focal point and give everyone a reason to gather around one spot. Not to mention, they’re a must if you are entertaining guests outside during the cooler seasons. 

Put up fall decorations

Get your patio into the fall spirit by putting up seasonal decor. You can never go wrong with pumpkins this time of year, so place a few in and around the entertaining area. You can also spruce up the patio furniture by adding fall-themed centerpieces to the tables or setting up fall-scented candles. Anything that makes the space feel warm and welcoming is a good addition if you’re entertaining in the fall. 

Light up the fire pit 

When the temperatures drop, it’s always a good idea to keep the fire going throughout any outdoor occasions during the fall. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with a group small enough to sit around the fire, or you’re hosting a party that will take up the whole outdoor area, it’s important to keep the fire going for both warmth and ambiance.

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