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Tips for turning your patio into a winter wonderland

December 02, 2019 2 min read

Tips for turning your patio into a winter wonderland

Another season, another opportunity to deck out your outdoor patio for the occasion. 

Whether you’re hosting a holiday gathering at your house or you simply want to get into the holiday spirit, here are a few ways you can turn your patio into a winter wonderland. 

Light it up

A classic component of holiday decor, lights are an easy way to add a festive layer to your patio. While the patio may not be as decked out as the front of your house, it should still have enough lighting to illuminate any gatherings you host outside this season. In addition to hanging lights around the doorway and patio, you can also wrap them around any beams, railings, or trees in your backyard. 

Go green

Add a few cozy, woodsy elements to your winter wonderland patio by hanging up wreaths and garlands. Whether real or faux, garlands and wreaths are a quintessential decoration that represent the winter season. There are plenty of spots to hang a wreath on the patio; hang one on the backdoor, the windows, or even just against a wall. 

Similar to lights, garlands have a lot of versatility when it comes to decorating. They can be wrapped around pillars or railings, hung from an awning, or draped around a table or piece of outdoor patio furniture. You can even intertwine a string of lights to make the garlands stand out at night. 

Add festive decor 

With a new season underway, it’s time to swap the pumpkins and dried leaves for poinsettias and pine cones. Small decorative items can make a big impact on the aesthetic of your patio during the winter. Use things like pine cones and ornaments to make centerpieces for your patio table, or fill a large glass vase that can be placed beside the doorway or around the patio. 

Poinsettias are also a good way to decorate and add a fresh element. A symbol of the holidays, the vibrant plant adds a pop of color to any patio or outdoor area. Place a few around your outdoor patio furniture setup or on the table. 

Don’t forget warmth

If the weather permits, the patio makes for a wonderful gathering spot during holiday festivities. To make the environment even cozier, especially the colder it gets, you’ll need an element of warmth, like a fire pit. Make your fire pit the center of it all by setting up your outdoor patio furniture around the pit. Add warm throw blankets and holiday-themed pillows into the mix, and you’ve just created the perfect spot to drink hot cocoa or apple cider with family and friends this winter.

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