Turn tricks to patio treats this halloween
Turn tricks to patio treats this halloween

Holidays are the perfect time to go all-out with your patio decorations--and Halloween is no exception! 

Halloween patio decorations are a fun way to add a little flair to your patio, whether you’re hosting a party or just want your home to be on-theme for the holiday. 

If you’re looking to add some spooky touches to your patio this season, then here are a few ways to infuse the Halloween spirit into your outdoor area. 

Plenty of pumpkins 

It wouldn’t be fall without a few pumpkins. Whether you prefer the classic orange pumpkin, the minimal white pumpkin, or the warty and perfectly-fit-for-Halloween kind, there should be several lining the patio during this time of year. You can also create vignettes with a few different types and shapes of pumpkins to add dimension and an interesting focal point on the patio. 

Light the fire

October is the perfect time to light up the patio fire pit. Whether you’re gathering around the fire to tell ghost stories, hanging out after a round of trick-or-treating, or simply cozying up for warmth, a fire pit is an ideal outdoor feature for Halloween. 

In addition to a fire pit, another small way to add fire to the patio is by adding a few candles to your space. To create a decorative centerpiece using candles, put one into a large hurricane vase and add a few fake spiderwebs or mini pumpkins around the base.

Decorate the furniture

Another Halloween patio idea is to make the space extra cozy by adding decorative pillows and throw blankets to your outdoor furniture. Whether the pillows and blankets are orange, black, or feature a Halloween-themed graphic, they’re a fun and easy way to add a little festivity to your patio. You can even take it up a notch by propping up a fake skeleton on the patio sofa or chair or scattering fake spiders around the furniture. 

Spooky lighting 

String lights across the patio are a nice touch year-round, but when the days get shorter and the nights longer it’s a good idea to have additional lighting outside. Stick to the theme by swapping out the simple string lights for decorative Halloween-themed ones that have spooky shapes or orange bulbs. 

Another Halloween light element you can add to the patio is a large lantern; the more antique looking the better. Place a few around the patio furniture or at the doorway and decorate it with a tattered cheesecloth for an even spookier touch. 

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