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How to Decorate with Small Patio Space

If you’re like me, you live in a complex, in a city with limited outdoor space. I’m only allotted a limited amount of space per my complex. So what’s a girl to do?

Luckily, there are numerous options to help you get the space you’re looking for when it comes to putting up the best outdoor furniture for your backyard:


  • Consider using caste iron versus bigger wicker furniture. Caste iron tends to be slender in thickness. This means you can accommodate a smaller space much easier with small patio furniture.

  • Be practical. In all honesty, I don’t entertain much outside. I live in Texas and I’m a fan of central air. But it’s nice to have a few items outside my apartment. I try to stick to a love-seat and end table. Perfect for reading outside or having drinks with neighbors.

  • Consider using a bench with lots of pillows to decorate, with a small end table. Keeps it simple and chic!

  • Basket chairs are becoming more popular and take up little space. They’re usually a great price point and extremely comfortable (stay tuned for our basket chairs in our 2019 collection!).

  • Try tall bar seating - they require little space and great for entertaining outside!

Hope some of these tips can help maximize your patio space! Leave feedback below or pictures of how you’ve made your outdoor space personalized and maximized!

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