The iPatio 2018 Style Guide
The iPatio 2018 Style Guide

The iPatio 2018 Style Guide

The new year signals a fresh start, and this means allotting time to tweak our old ways to give space for something better. The holidaze maybe over, but it isn’t too late to jazz up your home!

How about starting the year by doing some upgrades to your outdoor space? Make more memories in your home this year by transforming it into the ultimate haven for your friends and family.

Transform your outside space and make it look as great as your home inside, with the iPatio 2018 Style Guide!

Mix it up! In picking your outdoor patio set this 2018, don’t be intimidated with the seemingly endless choices of styles and materials. Be bold in selecting prints and textures for your outdoor space. Try putting together classic and contemporary pieces, and you’ll be surprised with the amazing outdoor space you made.

outdoor patio set

Go for graphic lines. Grounded blacks and grays structured in graphic lines are statement pieces when it comes to outdoor furniture. You’ll never go wrong in investing in iron patio furniture that emits a modern minimalistic feel. Pair this pieces with comfy cushions for that unparalleled comfort for your guests.

iron patio furniture

Modernize your fire pit. Make your backyard fire pit your outdoor space’s center of attraction. Nothing makes lounging in your backyard even more comfortable than the cheeriness and warmth of fire. Go for pieces that complement the thematic design of your outdoors. Choose the fire pit that caters to your design taste, and can enhance the ambience of your backyard.

backyard fire pit

Put out some patio plants. Make your deck or patio even more inviting by adding plants. These can soften the looks of your hardscape features breathe new life to your outdoor space. If you’re overwhelmed with the idea of maintaining a spacious garden, you can always go for keeping a container garden first, until you get the hang of it.

Look for style pegs online. It all starts with a vision. You must have something in mind before you start revamping your outdoor space. Good thing there are a lot of resources online to guide you in creating the backyard of your dreams. Start your design mood board today, and rock that home redesign project this 2018!

Do you have some more style tips? Let us know what you think! Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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